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Written and distributed by Lorensbergs, Connect2 is the booking system used in New Adelphi.

This page is a technical reference for Connect2. To make bookings, please visit New Adelphi Bookings.


The concept of user groups in Connect2 are known as Roles. Users can have multiple Roles and each should grant additional functionality. In some cases a Role may be used to limit access to a Resource, but extra care should be taken when configuring such Roles, as any deny rule globally overrides an allow rule.

An example of this would be when restricting bookings; if a Role limited a User to one booking per week of a Resource, then was added to a second Role which granted two bookings per week of that same Resource, the most restrictive rule would take precedence.

Role Titles

Access requirements often span multiple resource areas within the School, each with different induction and safety rules. Therefore, it is not common that Roles directly align with courses of study, but rather conform to the requirements of those resource areas.

Role configurations are named to explain their scope and means of access in the following manner:

To [How] : What
  • To - This is the broadest explanation as to what the role gives access to; an Area, a Course, some Equipment, or Staff membership.
  • How - This explains how somebody would be assigned this role. This is generally by Induction, but could be 'automatically' granted by being an Academic, Administrative or Technical member of staff.
  • What - This explains more specifically the Resources the Role give access to, or to which staff grouping the role should apply.

Role Configuration

Recording [Induction] : Level 4