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* Redo the whole of voice acting turning it into another fully featured studio, including new ASP8024 mixer, speakers, remodelling of live room, new ceiling, new floor, acoustic treatment - '''£150,000'''
* Redo the whole of voice acting turning it into another fully featured studio, including new ASP8024 mixer, speakers, remodelling of live room, new ceiling, new floor, acoustic treatment - '''£150,000'''
* Portable GRM Tools Complete II licences and iLok - '''£1,000'''
===Year 6 (2021-22)===
===Year 6 (2021-22)===

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This is a scratch page for future planning in each area.

Annual Software Charges

  • August: Waves Platinum - 8 Seats @ £46.99 ex VAT = £451.10 inc VAT - £500
  • November: Cycling '74 Max - 36 Seats @ £110 ex VAT = £4752 inc VAT - £5,000


Year 1 (2016-17)

  • Moved in to New Adelphi, move and reset costs.

Year 2 (2017-18)

  • New 180 cameras.
  • New 5D cameras.
  • New C100 cameras.
  • Renewal of EditShare support for 2 years - [As Installed] - £5,500

Year 3 (2018-19)

  • Replacement pedestals in Screen 1 - £15,000
  • LEDGO 600 Light (x16) - £5,000
  • LEDGO 'Rio' Bags (x16) - £500
  • LEDGO Stands (x16) - £3000
  • LEDGO Batteries (x16) - £3500
  • Canon C100 + Atomos Bundle (x2) - £6,000
  • Manfrotto 504HD,546BK Tripods (x8) - £5,500
  • Samyang VDSLR Lens Kit (x2) - £5,000

Year 4 (2019-20)

  • Lighting for Screen 1 - £28,000
  • Lighting for Screen 2 - £22,000
  • Replacement of EditShare - £80,000
  • Blackmagic Duplicator, Remotes, MultiDocks - £15,000
  • Gimbal / Dolly Equipment - £10,000

Year 5 (2020-21)

  • New speakers without limiting in 5.22 (for Performance as if it's 6.22)

New Camera Systems for 2nd/3rd Year Students


Blackmagic Design Pocket 6K Cinema Camera 6K Body Only - EF Mount, Super 35 size 6144 x 3456 image sensor. This could serve as a Level 6 camera a shared Level 5/6 Camera depending on how many we acquire.


Powerbase for extended battery life.

SANDISK 256GB 525MB/S - CFAST - £599

CFAST 2.0 Card for BMPC

CANON LP-E6N BATTERY (1800MAH) - £67.20 Battery for BMPC


Cage and Handle for BMPC

8SINN 15MM UNIVERSAL RODS SUPPORT - £175.99 SMALLHD FOCUS7 WITH BOLT 500 - £1,500 Wireless Monitor System


Shock Mount for Sennheiser MKH50-P48

Year 6 (2021-22)

Year 7 (2022-23)

Year 8 (2023-24)


Year 1 (2016-17)

  • Moved into New Adelphi, complete studio rebuild, some restocking.

Year 2 (2017-18)

  • No significant expenditure beyond maintenance and consumables.

Year 3 (2018-19)

  • Replacement of all keyboards in the Mac Suite - [Arturia Keylab Essential 49] - £6,000
  • Studio Composition Room - [See Studio Comp PDF for a rough plan/guide] - £11,000
  • Replace broken JoeCo recorder + additional Focus Scarlett Kit - [Scarlett 18i20/Cymatic uTrack24? or Like for Like] - £2000
  • Acoustic Treatment + Additional Baffle Boards [1-2 addition tall GOBO's per Studio + Bass Traps for booths + GOBOS for Band Room] - £9000
  • Replace Zoom H4N with H6 and add to current stock levels - £4000
  • Increase splitter stock for location recording - £2000
  • Thomann order: 6x Rugs, 6x round base stands, 16x medium K&M stands, 10x K&M boom arms - £1200

Year 4 (2019-20)

  • Refresh of microphone stock >> Mic Update Spreadsheet>>(replacing older broken stock/add to existing stock) - £17,683

Although often expensive, Microphones get more use in the university environment than in almost any other due to the nature of the number of Studios our microphone stock caters for. As such a semi-regular refresh as well as additional stock is vital for the continued smooth running of the Recording Studios both to help expand existing stock's lifespan as well as to provide greater industry-standard choice to our ever growing student population.

The requirement for a new Tape Machine has become more urgent in the past year, firstly, the Studer A827 would be compatible with our other 2" Tape Machine which is currently housed in Studio 3 (currently the only one) so students/staff and professionals would be able to transfer work between the two machines. Secondly, our current 1" Tape Machines are malfunctioning/unravelling to the detriment of students work and can no longer be used as reliable recording machines with consistency. Adding urgency to this decision, our 1" Tape stock is now old and beginning to degrade over time, rather than purchase expensive new Tape for the 1" Machines which are decidedly nearing the end of their lifetimes, purchasing a refurbished 2" tape machine would allow for greater use of our existing 2" tape stock as well as securing the ability to record to tape in a professional capacity in the New Adelphi Studios for years to come.

In the past year engagement with tape from students has increased 4-fold (if not more) thanks to Tape Recording now being included as an option in L5 ASLR Recording assignments and student demand to be taught in the use of tape recording and analogue methods, as both have seen a particular resurgence in the current popular music scene. Giving our students the ability to have 2 studios available to them where they can use the same size Tape will also resolve the overcrowding/unavailability of Studio 3 as was seen towards the end of last semester.

Serviced and refurbished Tape Machine models in this good condition like the one cited here do not often become available on the market and as such this is an opportunity that may not recur in the near future. We are currently in talks with ProAudio Europe to learn more about the history of the machine and see if they will hold it for us, pending the release of potential funding.

  • Refresh of Neve Preamps (replace with something less self-destruction prone e.g. More APIs) - £30,000

Despite being made by a brand of great industry repute the Neve Pre-amps bought for the studios from 2014-2016 have proven to be temperamental requiring more expensive external repairs than any other specific piece fo equipment in the recording studios. Replacing these pre-amps would, in the long run, provide more reliability and stability in the recording studios as well as incurring less "surprise" costs, the cost of purchasing new units could be negated in part by the sale of our existing Neve Pre-amp units

  • 9 UAD octo-core satellites and two Ultimate plugin bundles - £10,000
  • Octophonic Rig Replacement (8 x Genelec 8050 + 7050 Sub) - £10,000

An Octophonic Audio Installation rig is required for the reproduction of student and staff work and as a specific system to be composed for by Studio Composition students. Over the past few years composition for a specific installation has been available as part of the Surround Studio Composition composition element of the Advanced Studio Composition L5 Module available to all music students and while many students have now been composing in 7.1 thanks to our Surround Studio no such "specific installation" has existed thus far. In acquiring this rig we would be able to begin to compete with neighbouring University's current installation capabilities (and thus also begin to engage with the modern audio diffusion for composition network) but also allow our Studio Composition students to engage fully with their brief and allow further visibility for the university and the work being created here as a whole.

The rig would be portable and be able to be installed both around the New Adelphi Building as spaces are available but also available to installed on location in necessary engagements: whether this is to allow the university to take part in external symposiums or to help inspire prospective university students. There is a wide culture of audio diffusion also of using multichannel rigs to spatialise stereo compositions which this rig could also be used for as well as bespoke 8 channel pieces, similarly the rig would also be able to downsize to quadrophonic, 5.1 and 7.1 installations depending on the work being displayed.

Year 5 (2020-21)

  • Replacement of Warm Audio Outboard Gear (Usage faults on the units are common, poor build quality) [Aim for higher quality gear e.g. UAD 1176s/Audio Maintenance Pultec] - £25,000
  • Populate 500-series lunchboxes further - £10,000
  • Replacement of all Studio iMacs [Either iMac Pros or Mac Pros depending on Apple Developments] - £40,000
  • Location Recording Equipment Refresh (USB-C/USB) - £5,000
  • Ceiling treatment for all studios [Ceiling Tiles] - £10,000
  • Refresh of microphone stands (replacing older broken stock/add to existing stock) - £3,000
  • Replacement of unbalanced Monacor talkback speakers in live rooms - [Genelec 8030s] - £4,000
  • Mix Studio in rehearsal room - £55,000

Much like the recently designed and installed "Composition Studio" the Mix Studio would be a mix focussed space with an excellent monitoring setup and some choice pieces of outboard gear, the current budget is based on the cost of the Composition Studio, though a more accurate figure is currently being put together with a full proposed plan. The studio would alleviate pressure on the current recording studios which are often booked as a mix space, the proposed studio would also be available to a wider variety of students (Standard Composition pathway students would also be able to use this space to complete their final work) catering to a more diverse range of students. As student numbers increase year-on-year this would be a valuable asset that could also remain functioning as a solo rehearsal space shared with the Music Rehearsals department depending on where the time is required most. This space could easily be expanded to provide surround reproduction at only a marginal additional cost.

  • Refresh of Behringer Powerplay p16-m headphone amps (replacing older broken stock/add to existing stock) - £1,500
  • Redo the whole of voice acting turning it into another fully featured studio, including new ASP8024 mixer, speakers, remodelling of live room, new ceiling, new floor, acoustic treatment - £150,000
  • Portable GRM Tools Complete II licences and iLok - £1,000

Year 6 (2021-22)

  • Major refresh of microphone stock (replacing older broken stock/add to existing stock) - £20,000
  • New Plugins and software for all the studios - £20,000

Year 7 (2022-23)

  • Major service of Studer A820 - £5,000

Year 10 (2026-27)

  • Replacement of an Audient ASP8024 Consoles - £220,000
  • Replacement of Pianos - £60,000


Year 1 (2016-17)

  • Move in.

Year 2 (2017-18)

  • No significant investment.

Year 3 (2018-19)

  • Double amount of Ledgo 600s - £3500
  • tripods for ursas
  • UV Filters for Lenses - £1200
  • Workshop Cabinet - https://www.key.co.uk/en/key/bott-cubio-workshop-storage-cabinet-with-48-bins-hxw-2000x800mm
  • 5DS R bodies - 3 - £11000
  • 24-105mm in line with number of full frame bodies - 9 - £9171
  • 35mm 1:2 primes - 3 - £1600
  • 50mm 1:1.8 primes - 5 - £600
  • 70-200mm telephoto - 1 - £589
  • 85mm 1:1.8 primes - 4 - £1700
  • Bayer Dynamic Headphones DT 770 - 9 - £950
  • Action Cameras - £4200
  • Consumer Video Cameras - £6000
  • Consumer Still Cameras - £4000

Year 4 (2019-20)

  • 15x Canon 90D (w/ kit lens) - £20,000

The 90D will work as an update and replacement to our 550D and 600D cameras allowing us to offer a top of the range consumer DSLR as standard to all store users. It has been agreed by both photography and media technicians that it is also capable of covering the specific needs of their students, primarily acting as "overspill" to the canon full frame stock in this regard.

  • 10x Canon 250D (w/ kit lens) - £5100

The 250D will work as an update and replacement to our 100D and 500D stock. Complimenting our current stock of 200Ds it is a modern entry-level consumer DSLR that is capable of all general photography and video needs of store users while being simple enough to accommodate novice/first time DSLR users.

  • 5x Sigma 17-50 mm Lenses - £1600

Increasing our stock of these lenses to 10. They are a better standard zoom lens covering the same range as the standard canon DSLR kit lens which does not live up to the specific needs of photography or media.

  • 5x Canon 50 mm f/1.4 Lenses - £1700

A very popular lens for photography that we do not have enough of. Connect2 stats suggest they are in constant use throughout trimesters 1 and 2. Most students using photography studios want to have one.

  • 4x Canon 55-250mm Lenses - £1200

Good telephoto lens option for the APS-C bodies.

  • 3x Canon 24 mm Lenses - £432

Popular pancake lens for APS-C bodies. Fills roughly the same role as a 35mm would on a full-frame body

  • 5x Sigma 30 mm 1.4 Lenses - £1800

Good quality lens for APS-C bodies. Fills roughly the same role as a 50mm would on a full-frame body

  • 2x Sigma 10-20mm lenses - £634

Good quality wide-angle zoom lens. Fills roughly the same role as a 16-35mm zoom would on a full-frame body

  • 11x Canon 5D MKIV (onward) - £31,000

Its time to start phasing out the older full-frame camera bodies. Initially, the 5D MkIIs should become available for general use meaning we will need at least as many 5D MkIVS to cover the likely increased demand and have enough professional full-frame bodies for photography and medias needs.

  • 11x Canon 24-105 mm EF Lenses - £1100

For every new full-frame camera body bought that increases our full-frame stock total, we will require at least standard 24-105mm EF lens to go with it or we run the risk of having the bodies to meet demand but not the lenses.

Year 5 (2020-21)

Year 6 (2021-22)